Potter’s February in Writing

March 5, 2013

Right. It’s now 18:00 on the 5th of March, which means I have just an hour to do this blog and make myself beautiful for WordWatchers tonight. I could of course just go straight to cosmetics but it’s been a glorious month for the WordWatchers collective and I wanted to get this down, else I’ll just go off on some parallel vaguely related discourse tonight and, well, it doesn’t do, really.

So apart from Charlotte being voted the best historical romance author in the world ever, or something very close, and John Hoggard’s heroics in social media, there is something I wanted to tell you. In fact a few things.

Mahrie Kindle Cover Final 1First, Mahrie is almost done. I finished the cover this month which I LOVE and I get editorial feedback from the group tonight. Then it’s two solid weeks to make alterations before it goes to the copy and proof editor. That process should take us to the end of March at which point Mahrie will be released, initially for free for a brief time. So keep your eyes peeled.

In trying to raise awareness for the Potter brand I thought I’d run a final KDP Select promotion for Chasing Innocence. I also wanted to try and up the number of reviews for the book, which I have found are more likely to be given when a book is given away for free. The promotion went extremely well and you can see in this video I created what the results were.

I have for the time being decided to shelf TMWWRWs as I’ve had to admit, after eight months of hard work, the main character isn’t there for me yet. His (dead) wife is, but… It’s heartbreaking because so much has been invested but I know when I do come back to Marcus Hangiman I will have written two other books, several novellas and hopefully been stewing his character development in the background all this time. We will see.

Which means that Hunting Demons is well on it’s way. Hooorah! Sarah Sawacki is back, she’s not alone this time but she’s got a whole lot of people making life difficult. Where Chasing Innocence was about Sarah protecting and surviving, Hunting Demons is about her evolution, her putting a foot in the ground and saying enough is enough. Facing down her demons. I’m so excited. The book starts in court as we briefly recount how we got to this moment in the series. I’m having SO much fun.

It was always my intention to also write about Detective Boer’s past and while we touch on this in Mahrie, I have another novella planned for the end of the year which focuses on Boer as the protagonist and excitingly (for me at least) shows as part of a bigger story, his POV in the Mahrie case, as opposed to hers.

What else? Well the antagonist in Hunting Demons is particularly scary, So I can get some idea for what is acceptable in the particularly scary antagonist stakes I’m currently reading the first two novels in both Tess Gerritsen and Mo Hayder’s Crime series. The first two novels because I’m also interested to see how they transition the key female character between book one and two.

I also read the wonderfully literary but brilliant thriller writing of Helen Zahavi this last month. I loved Donna and the Fatman and would highly recommend you check her out. Especially if like me you have an interest in strong but put upon women coming to terms with particularly nasty men. Very much looking forward to Helen’s Dirty Weekend.

Time’s running out. Now to put on my glad rags and get ravaged (editorially) by WordWatchers.

Wish me luck, I’m going in.


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  1. John says:

    Nice blog JP. I’m glad you’re enthralled by Hunting Demons, you never quite seemed to have that spark for TMWWRWs.

    Interesting idea for a book video – less about the content itself and more about the process, which isn’t something I’ve seen before.

    Keep up the good work!

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