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September 23, 2013

Anybody who has read even one of my blogs, read my Tweetfeed or is familiar with WordWatchers output on Facebook (where I am responsible for most of our output) will be aware of my love of short fiction, specifically, the golden nuggets found on Paragraph Planet.

Well, I promised myself I would submit one story to Paragraph Planet everyday and, apart from a few days when I was completely out of Internet connectivity when on holiday, I have managed this feat, each day, as promised, since July 4th. However, it’s been a tough month, four very gruelling weeks of teaching at work (Cranfield University) and there has been ill health in the family too. So, I haven’t actually managed to write a 75-word everyday for about two weeks (most days, but not every day). Fortunately, I have a buffer, a surplus of stories (now somewhat reduced), that I have managed to draw upon, to keep up my output to Paragraph Planet up.

To that end, it’s been a while since I had a story up on the site, but I’ve got another, going up on Wednesday 25th, so I’m just about managing one a month. Each notification is still immensely pleasing to receive. (it’s also one of my favourite 75-worders, it’s based on a short story that I never finished, so it’s nice to extract something from a stalled piece of work, that would otherwise never see the light of day)

Although I’ve not managed to write even 75-words every day, I have managed to contribute to Flash Lit Fiction ’13, part of the annual Brighton Digital Festival, via Twitter. It’s been great fun. By the time you have put #FLF13 in the Tweet, you’re left with a measly 133 characters to create a story with the theme of “Soul”. If I thought editing a 75-word story was hard work, editing a story in a Tweet can leave you gnashing your teeth over a comma you really think should be there.

I’ve written horrible stories, humorous tales, melancholy anecdotes and (hopefully) thought-provoking twisters. There’s only a few days left (Midnight of the 25th), but I recommend you give it a go.

Catch up soon.

Rocket Scientist

John Hoggard ex-Rocket Scientist


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  1. Amy Solis says:

    Hey John

    Thanks for the great write up! I’m glad you’ve entered into the spirit of the Twitter story comp that we intended – fun, throwaway, and maybe even chin-stroking literary (at times).

    I guess the whole thing about writing is to let go of the editor, so to jump into the #FLF13 party is really to let go and have a few bashes.

    See you on the Tweet-o-sphere on 26 Sept!


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