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Elite Encounters RPG

Elite Encounters RPG

Elite Encounters was the first Role-Playing Game authorised by Frontier Developments, creators of the Elite: Dangerous Computer Game. It is the work of David Hughes (aka Selezen Lake to the Elite gaming community) and was one of the multiple ‘Writers Pack’ licenses issued by Frontier Development during their Kickstarter Campaign to relaunch the Elite Franchise back in 2013.

Although the work is almost entirely the single-handed work of David, it does feature additional fictional work from the community (which also had to be authorised by Frontier Developments) and this includes five drabbles (100-word short stories) from WW author John Hoggard.

This Full-colour PDF contains all you need to play Elite Encounters.



  • More than 300 pages of rich content
  • Background and setting for the Elite: Dangerous game “universe” – in print for the first time!
  • Simple but well-rounded game system developed for this RPG
  • Full-colour sections, including double page spreads of the spacecraft from Elite: Dangerous
  • Sample characters and introductory scenarios
  • Fully-featured tabletop vehicle combat system allows you to visualise space battles or ground assaults
  • Printable “Loremasters Screen” containing essential stats and tables for players and Gamesmasters.
  • Print and play elements plus all you’ll need to pick up and play!

Released in October 2017, it is currently only available in electronic format, either directly from Daftworks itself, or, alternatively, DriveThruRPG.

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Elite Encounters Elite Encounters is a Role-Playing Game set in the Elite: Dangerous Universe and is the work of David 'Selezen Lake' Hughes. It features drabbles from John Hoggard.

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