666 Horror Anthology666

“Come one come all and enter the realm of the 666 word story. Imagine the terrifying journey the authors went through to create a story of EXACTLY 666 words… This is a collection of devilish, fiendish and downright pant-wetting stories from authors from around the world.”

That’s right, every story in this collection has exactly 666 words in it – a nightmare for authors and editors alike.

This collection features a story by WW member John Hoggard, entitled ‘Headhunted’, which was highly commended by the judging panel.

The collection was released on October 31st 2016.

Available as a DRM free ebook, direct from Fantastic Books Publishing: http://www.fantasticbooksstore.com/666-horror.html

Available in paperback format from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/666-Michael-Brookes/dp/1909163163/

The House in Quill Court

On August 25th 2016 Charlotte Betts' 5th novel was released in Paperback with a new cover.

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A Halloween Nightmare!

666Another anthology to feature a story from WW member John Hoggard, the 'highly commended' "Headhunted". The collection will be released on October 31st.

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Creative Writing Escapes

CWECreative Writing Escapes

WW member Charlotte Betts and former member Danielle Auld have something wonderful to offer you.

…and we have lift-off!

Synthesis Fantastic Books Publishing have launched their most beautiful looking short story anthology to date, the Science Fiction collection 'Synthesis' which will include two stories from John Hoggard.

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A new blogger…


WordWatchers has a new blogger in the form of our newest member Maurice.

He lays out his plans for getting more writing done in 2017.

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