Here you will find novels and works of non-fiction published by our current members, along with anthologies which feature their work.

Works produced by writers who used to be members of WordWatchers can be found on our Alumni Page.


Charlotte Betts - The House in Quill Court
Charlotte Betts - The Chateau on the Lake
Charlotte Betts - The Spice Merchant's Wife
Charlotte Betts - The Painter's Apprentice
Charlotte Betts - The Apothecary's Daughter
Abbie Rushton - Consumed
Abbie Rushton - Unspeakable
Debbie Kelly (Smith) - Alonzo and Molly the Mermaid
Debbie Kelly - Alonzo and the Meteorite
Debbie Kelly - Alonzo and the All-Eyed Monster
Pam Pheasant - Auntie Pru's Legacy
Pam Pheasant - The Grotto House
John Potter - Chasing Innocence
John Potter - Mahrie
Charlotte Betts - Christmas at Quill Court
Charlotte Betts - The Milliner's Daughter
WordWatchers - Out of Time
Abbie Todd - Undiscovered Voices 2010
Charlotte Betts - Loves Me, Loves Me Not
John Hoggard - 666
John Hoggard - Synthesis
John Hoggard - Fusion (Baby Babble)
John Hoggard - Alien Items
John Hoggard - Ten Deadly Tales

The House in Quill Court

On August 25th 2016 Charlotte Betts' 5th novel was released in Paperback with a new cover.

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A Halloween Nightmare!

666Another anthology to feature a story from WW member John Hoggard, the 'highly commended' "Headhunted". The collection will be released on October 31st.

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Creative Writing Escapes

CWECreative Writing Escapes

WW member Charlotte Betts and former member Danielle Auld have something wonderful to offer you.

…and we have lift-off!

Synthesis Fantastic Books Publishing have launched their most beautiful looking short story anthology to date, the Science Fiction collection 'Synthesis' which will include two stories from John Hoggard.

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How to survive a critique


WordWatchers is reviewing one full novel a month. By the end of 2017, it will have critiqued 7 novels. 5yrs after she wrote it, Abbie's blog about the process is still very relevant.

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