Debbie Kelly

Debbie Kelly

Debbie has written numerous children's stories, the first of which Alonzo and Molly the Mermaid with illustrations by Monika Filipina Trzpil was released in time Christmas 2012. Her second Alonzo book, Alonzo and the Meteorite was released in October 2013.
Alonzo can be reached via Twitter, @Alonzo_Chicken or Facebook, Alonzo the Chicken.
Debbie can also be reached on Twitter, @DeborahK1971.
Debbie is also available for school visits.
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The Palace of Lost Dreams

Charlotte Betts, 7th Novel is out now for Kindle (and will be available in Paperback in Oct '18).

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‘Time’ for an update…

ChronosWith the inclusion of two drabbles in the forthcoming 'Chronos' anthology, WW member JohnH has bitten the bullet and has created an author's page on Amazon.

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Creative Writing Escapes

CWECreative Writing Escapes

WW member Charlotte Betts and former member Danielle Auld have something wonderful to offer you.

Cleared for launch!

Elite Encounters Elite Encounters is a Role-Playing Game set in the Elite: Dangerous Universe and is the work of David 'Selezen Lake' Hughes. It features drabbles from John Hoggard.

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How to survive a critique


WordWatchers is reviewing one full novel a month. By the end of 2017, it will have critiqued 7 novels. 5yrs after she wrote it, Abbie's blog about the process is still very relevant.

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