A busy night but the marvels of technology

December 17, 2011

Last night (Friday the 16th), I found myself in a pub in London (The Coach and Horses, near Oxford Circus) to watch the launch of a new book…

And I really do mean watch – Drew, fellow writer, fellow Ooliter, released Finis, the final book in his mammoth 5 years of writing, 4 part saga set in the fictional Universe of the game Oolite (or Ooniverse as we call it), while in the pub.  With his HTC phone acting as a wi-fi hotspot for his laptop he tapped a few keys and Finis went live, in a variety of e-book formats, all over the internet.  Brilliant, simply brilliant.

To get hold of a copy of Drew’s latest novel and to stock up on his back catalogue, visit his site here: http://www.wagar.org.uk/

Finis goes live

Drew Wagar launches his last Oolite book, Finis, in the pub from his laptop

Time to get voting…

December 13, 2011

The latest round of WordWatchers short stories are now written, collated, bound and ready for voting on. Results will be revealed sometime in January.  Good luck everyone!

Identity Competition  




The WordWatchers’ Short Story competition runs every six months, open to members only, with stories submitted anonymously and judged in classic Eurovision style (vote for everyone but yourself, award most points to your favourite and then continue down to 1 for your least favourite).  Top 3 stories get called out.

This year we’ve chosen a theme that’s also being run in a national competition so we’ll be submitting in time for this one too.  Let’s see how we get on.

Even more success for Katherine!

December 12, 2011

It would seem there’s no stopping Katherine’s rise to literary stardom – as well as making it on to the Sunday Times Top 10 best sellers list, she’s also topped this week’s Love Reading poll! (http://www.lovereading.co.uk/genre/top/Lovereadings-Top-10.html)

From everybody at Wordwatchers Katherine – well done!

Times Bestseller!

December 11, 2011

Katherine Webb’s The Unseen has made it into the Times Top 10 Bestseller list this week…

Times Bestseller - The Unseen

The Palace of Lost Dreams

Charlotte Betts, 7th Novel is out now for Kindle (and will be available in Paperback in Oct '18).

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‘Time’ for an update…

ChronosWith the inclusion of two drabbles in the forthcoming 'Chronos' anthology, WW member JohnH has bitten the bullet and has created an author's page on Amazon.

We may need a bigger bookshelf »

Creative Writing Escapes

CWECreative Writing Escapes

WW member Charlotte Betts and former member Danielle Auld have something wonderful to offer you.

Cleared for launch!

Elite Encounters Elite Encounters is a Role-Playing Game set in the Elite: Dangerous Universe and is the work of David 'Selezen Lake' Hughes. It features drabbles from John Hoggard.

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How to survive a critique


WordWatchers is reviewing one full novel a month. By the end of 2017, it will have critiqued 7 novels. 5yrs after she wrote it, Abbie's blog about the process is still very relevant.

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