The Times’ Recommended Read of the Week

November 29, 2011

As mentioned in an earlier posting, Katherine Webb’s The Unseen is currently spending a high profile week in WHSmith’s outlets around the country as The Times’ Recommended Read of the Week.  Once again, well done Katherine!









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Farewell to Anne McCaffrey

November 27, 2011

Anne McCaffrey, author of the “Pern” series of books (looks like fantasy, but reads like Sci-Fi) died on Wednesday (23/11/11), aged 85.

Fabulous writer, great characters, believable Universe, amazing stories.

She will be missed, but her books, at least, will go on forever.

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Like Frankenstein’s Monster…

November 20, 2011

…it’s alive! The new Wordwatchers site that is.

Which of course, if you’re reading this, you’ll know already.

Welcome anyway…

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The Unseen – paperback out Nov 24th

November 18, 2011

From Katherine Webb’s Facebook page

“Only two weeks and two days until the paperback release of The Unseen… I had a fantastic lunch to celebrate with some lovely Orion people yesterday, and got the great news that the book will be stocked in pretty much every UK supermarket and major bookstore, and will be The Times/WHSmith book of the week from November 24th… Plenty of time to grab a copy as a Christmas present for somebody, folks!”

Fantastic news, Katherine. So excited that The Unseen is about to get its turn in the limelight. Well deserved!

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New competition underway – Identity

November 14, 2011

As you can see from some of the previous entries on this site, every six months or so, we set ourselves a short story competition. It’s a great opportunity to try out different writing styles or different genres… or stick with what we already know and hope our voice continues to get stronger for the practice.

This time, we’ve decided to align our competition with a public short story competition being run by the Writers and Artists Yearbook. It’s on the theme of Identity, and details can be found here.  The public competition’s entry date is Valentine’s Day next year.  We’ll be handing ours in at the December meeting, ready for voting by January, so hopefully we’ll all be ready in good time for the February date, should we decide to enter.

It seems only five minutes since the last batch of stories (misleadingly titled ‘light and fluffy’) got dragged into existence (at least, that’s how most of us seemed to feel by the time we’d made our attempts at what should have been the simplest of styles).  And now it’s Identity.  Interestingly, one piece of advice for would-be entrants to the W&A competition was how refreshing the judges found it when they came across something that made them laugh… or presumably just not plunge them into some angst-ridden patch of purple prose.

So, who knows, maybe all that sweating over ‘light and fluffy’ will pay off after all.

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The Palace of Lost Dreams

Charlotte Betts, 7th Novel has been shortlisted for the RNA 2019 'Best Historical Romantic Novel'.

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‘Forging ahead…’

The ForgeWW member John Hoggard's short story 'Elemental Sacrifice' features in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology 'The Forge: Fire and Ice', which was released in July 2019.

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Creative Writing Escapes

CWECreative Writing Escapes

WW member Charlotte Betts and former member Danielle Auld have something wonderful to offer you.

Cleared for launch!

Elite Encounters Elite Encounters is a Role-Playing Game set in the Elite: Dangerous Universe and is the work of David 'Selezen Lake' Hughes. It features drabbles from John Hoggard.

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How to survive a critique


WordWatchers is reviewing one full novel a month. By the end of 2017, it will have critiqued 7 novels. 5yrs after she wrote it, Abbie's blog about the process is still very relevant.

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